Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Just in time for Valentine's Day!!

la la la la... this is me on Cloud 9...la la la la

Hogsmeade will never be the same. I was helping out in the store (Hogwarts weekends are always kind of crazy) when I heard THE VOICE. Which voice? Have you been paying attention?? GUS CAULDWELL!! He has the dreamiest voice. Like velvet rubbed the wrong way, rough but soft at the same time. He was there with some friends (a 4th year Hufflepuff named Charles, and two Gryffindors). I froze. I'd been cleaning out some cages and there I stood with my hair in a ponytail and my hands full of Fwooper Pooper Scooper. I tried to duck out of sight but I wasn't fast enough. "Hey Tuney," he said with a nod. Charles and the other two barely acknowledged me. I managed to squeak out a "um, Hi Gus," before one of the guys pointed to the Horntail my brother brought in (strictly for display purposes--it's only a baby and its flame has been extinguished). They wandered around the shop for a bit looking at the spiders and snakes and things, and I ran to the backroom to hide until they left. I mean, why do you always see the cute boys when you look awful?

I was in the back straightening the cans of Hippogriff flea powder when Mum came back with a smile and said, "Tuney, someone wants to speak with you." I walked out and there was Gus, all alone and looking kind of shy, actually.

"Hey, Tuney, I was wondering if you have to work all day or if you get a break at all."

I was struggling to speak when Mum piped up, "Oh I think she's done for the day. Why don't you run along, Honey. You can go back to school with this nice young gentleman."

Girls, there is nothing worse than your mother giving you the ol' "wink, wink" in front of the boy you have a crush on.

"I'll just be a minute, Gus." I said quickly, then ran to the back to fix my hair and make sure I didn't have any animal bits on me.

We walked over to the Three Broomsticks but the place was overflowing with rowdy Ravenclaws, so instead we just strolled quietly by ourselves and talked. And talked. One of the girls at school (she wasn't a Hufflepuff, but I wish I could remember her name so I could thank her) warned me that Gus's family is very into bloodlines, so I didn't mentioned that my father was born a muggle. I only told him that, yes, I'm of the Kensington Acromantulas (that's my grandpa). We stopped in Honeyduke's, where Gus bought me a bag of Bertie Bott's Beans (my favorite!) and then we walked all the way down to the lake past the train station. We watched the clouds and tried to guess the flavors of the beans and then he did it--GUS KISSED ME!! It was just a quick one, but still a kiss. From Gus! Only the cutest boy ever. (except maybe Cedric Diggory, but really, it's hard to beat that) He's liked me since last year, but he kept telling himself I was too young. He said I seem more mature this year (Ha!) so he figured he'd ask me out. SQUEEEEEEEEAAAALL!!

As we were heading back, Gus spotted an old broomstick by the train station and told me, "Wait here," before taking off into the sky. I watched him fly in circles and loops until smoke started pouring out of the brush. Then, I realized that the smoke was making sense. He's a picture I drew of my handsome Gus and his broomstick skywriting.

la la la lala...(sigh). Now it's all I can do to concentrate on my lessons. When we pass in the halls, he gives me a sly wink with his beautiful green eyes and maybe a little smile. I'm in love.

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